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Alarm.com Self Monitoring

Alarm.com Self Monitoring Is Your Interactive Home Security Solution

alarm.com self monitoring control your home with iphoneNo matter where you are, Alarm.com keeps you connected. You can view system status, monitor activity at your property, watch live or recorded video, arm and disarm your system, and even control your thermostats, lights, and other appliances—all from the internet or our mobile apps.             

Receive real-time email and text message notifications immediately when your:

  • Spouse gets home from work
  • Kids get home from school
  • The overhead garage door is left open
  • Power goes out
  • And much more

Also remotely control your alarm system, manage your heating and air conditioning energy use, and see what’s happening inside your home or business at any time.

With Alarm.com Self Monitoring you can:

  • Arm or disarm your system remotely
  • Watch live or previously recorded video
  • Set your thermostat to heat up or cool down automatically when you leave or enter your house
  • Remotely lock doors—right from your phone
  • Access a complete, searchable system event history online

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Alarm.com self monitoring communicates wirelessly with your GE or 2GIG home security system to give you instant alerts to what’s happening when you’re not at home. With Alarm.com, you can arm or disarm your system remotely and stay involved with all activity that occurs in home.


Unlike most security systems, Alarm.com doesn’t need a phone line, VOIP line, or Internet connection to communicate signals from the alarm system. Alarm.com communicates through AT&T or T-Mobile GSM’s network, making Alarm.com systems not vulnerable to neighborhood power outages or phone lines being cut.


Alarm.com’s revolutionary “Crash & Smash” technology provides an even greater level of safety for any home or commercial property, making sure that even if a burglar is able to find and smash in the security control panel in a “Crash & Smash” attack, Alarm.com will still be able to send a signal to you.


Alarm.com’s video solution lets you see what’s going on when you are away, from any computer or cell phone with internet access. With Alarm.com self video monitoring, customers can use our inside cameras to check up on family members, puppies, and contractors. Or Outside alarm.com camera’s to see activity around a home or business property.


Alarm.com empowers you to control your lights, thermostats, door locks and other zwave appliances. With set rules you can set up customized schedules so that with just one touch, the security system will be armed and instantly the lights will turn off, the front door will lock, and the temperature in the home will cool down, saving you money.

How It Works: